At Certipay Online we offer a variety of features that benefit both your employees and your company. Like our competitors we offer the same convienent and refined features; but with CertiPay Online we offer an entire service department, the opportunity to grow as a company and connected services. CertiPay Online is backed by CertiPay, meaning we have access to a big business payroll solution.

Employee Features

Flexible Earnings

Whether your employees are paid hourly, salary, or commission based, we've got you covered.


We fully support contractor/1099 employees and related tax reporting requirements.

Employee Self Service

Employees can view their paystubs in our FREE employee self service application. Accessible via any web browser.

Employee Self-Onboarding

New employees can enter their own personal information, withholding details, and other info so you don't have to.

Digital Pay Stubs

Say goodbye to paper and delivery costs. We deliver paystubs to your documents immediately and electronically.

Payroll Features

Payroll Schedules

Never miss or forget to run your payroll again. We'll even remind you when your payroll is due.

Simple Reports

Our reports are simple, easy to read, and downloadable in many different formats.

Net to Gross

Tell us how much your employees should recieve and we'll tell you how much their earnings and taxes should be.

Quarterly/Annual Tax Filing

Our support team will submit your quarterly and annual taxes on your behalf so you don't have to.

Company Features

Simplified Startup

Our simplified setup process takes the headaches out of switching payroll providers.

Worksite Tracking

By knowing where your business operates, we can help ensure you and your employees are taxes are properly configured.

Federal Taxes

For Federal taxes, we've got you covered. We support all Federal taxes (excluding Agriculture).

State and Local Taxes

We're continually expanding our support of each state on our way to all 50. Check if your state is available yet.

Accessibility Features


We fully support contractor/1099 employees and related tax reporting requirements.

Mobile Support

CertiPay Online is accessible on any tablet or mobile device currently available.

Browser Availability

We run our extensive test suite against the following browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera 15, IE9 and mobile browsers (Android, Chrome Mobile, iOS Safari).

Help Center

Stuck on something? Check out our Help Center for a solution.

Security Features


All of our services are secured by industry standard, 256bit SSL certificates.